Radinn - G2X for sale

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Radinn - G2X for sale
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Jan 10, 2020
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A marvel of engineering; ingeniously designed…

Shifting weight to one side, the rider carved hard to the right, then dug a heel into the rear of the board. The board reared, coiling its power beneath it and began thrashing through the spray as it rose above the crest of the wave…

Introducing the G2X Jetboard, the most advanced of its kind. If you prefer the sheer beauty of lakes and inland waterways to the thrills of the sea, you can reach astonishing speeds in near complete silence. Just you and nature, a perfect way to reconnect with your senses. No need for messy oil changes, noisy engines or time-consuming maintenance. Just head out and enjoy this astonishing new sport, enjoy your freedom.

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Set your own speed and freely position yourself on the board with Radinn's water-proof, entirely wireless handheld remote. The light-guide will let you know how much battery you have when out riding. The remote will also indicate to remind you when to head back to either recharge or swap the Power Pack ready for your next ride.

Custom engineered down to the fasteners. There's simply no other experience quite like it. Radinn’s efficient jet-system; the board’s fluid dynamic design; the water-proof remote; the brushless electric motor - all crafted with unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to innovation. Radinn’s engineers and designers never cease in their desire to keep refining and developing their products, this board is the result.

Connected Control - The Radinn App

Keep your board happy and working at maximum capacity for a long long time. Data is continuously transferred from your board to the app and you’ll be notified if something is out of the ordinary. At the same time the data will automatically be analysed so that we can keep you informed on potential service needs.

You can also check battery levels, run diagnostics, read the Radinn manual and much more.

Set your own limits – or eliminate them all together.
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Electric Jet
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Greater London
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0330 1130800
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