Dinghies For Sale

View a huge range of Inflatable Dinghies For Sale in the UK and beyond

Dinghies For Sale

View a huge range of Inflatable Dinghies For Sale in the UK and beyond
Walkerbay - WB 10 Dinghy for sale
  • Walkerbay - WB 10 Dinghy for sale
  • Equipped with all the same features as the Walker Bay 8, to be able to enjoy and browse or just sailing but also using an outboard motor, Walker Bay 10 is spacious and equipped with a reinforced parapet, integrated Cup holders, a cockpit-style grating Fund not to get wet feet with antiskid, and is designed for more power and engine capacity of people.

    DuraTech ™ shell
    Floating seats
    Reinforced transom
    Wheel in the keel ™
    Stainless steel bow eye
    One-way water discharge system
    Integrated storage
    Integrated anti-slip bottom boards

    You can use a more powerful engine or bring more people using the RID310 KIT Smart, functional and versatile.
    As with all Walker Bay boat, true beauty is in the details.

    Lightweight and easy to handle, these boats are positioned on the roof of a car or inside a van, or simply towing a trailer.

    Move this boat is a breeze with the wheel in the keel ™.

    The rowing system integrated of Walker Bay is equipped with oarlocks, collars and paddles Hydro curves.
  • Category: Inflatable Boats, Dinghy
    Length: 10 ft
    Country: Italy
  • £ 1,347.00
Walkerbay - WB 8 Dinghy + Rid 275 for sale
  • Walkerbay - WB 8 Dinghy + Rid 275 for sale
  • Walker Bay 8 Tubular Kit for ADDITIONAL CHARACTERISTICS of the TUBULAR PVC Wb8 IN addition to those of the RIGID DINGHY
    • NEOPRENE Heytex PVC tubing also available
    • Tube with 2 rooms
    • 2 handles for easy grip
    • Reinforced stitching to 3 layers

    The RID 275 is the ideal boat for those who want the versatility, security, together with the lightness of Walker Bay 8; but who needs stability, increased seating capacity and engine power; 2 the tubular inner tubes provides.

    The tire is going to adhere to the surface of the boat in its width and length; to provide optimal performance and act as a Fender all the way around when you're next to other boats or mooring phase. Both, with both sails: the tubes provide greater safety in any situation; making the Walker Bay RID a boat ideal and above all safe. Suitable for everyone and for all uses!

    How does that work. Lightly loaded and moderate seas, the tube does not undertake and the bow cuts the water gracefully. The most challenging seas or with higher loads and/or transportation of cargo, the tube acts to give lateral stability.
  • Category: Inflatable Boats, Dinghy
    Length: 9 ft
    Country: Italy
  • £ 1,665.92
Awake - Electric Surfboard - The Rävik for sale
  • Awake - Electric Surfboard - The Rävik for sale
  • Simply exceptional design…

    Awake, the premium electric surfboard company based in Limhamn, Sweden transcends to a new level of this thrilling water sport.

    Developed with key principles in mind; power, speed, and precision. Awake's electric surfboards are built for superior acceleration, sharp corners and fast straights, giving the user an unparalleled riding experience.

    Crafted from high-end composites, these electric surfboards challenges the users with aggressive power. The slim rear offers rapid response and high agility, while the streamlined body design is sculpted with acute attention to hydrodynamics.

    Awake’s mobile application enables customisable power output. The application also informs the user of battery life, estimated riding time and a quick-start guide for your jet surfboard.

    Depending on rider style, previous experience or simply the mood or conditions, the application provides the rider with four rider modes; KIDS, ECO, SPORT and EXTREME.

    Focusing on developing electric motorised surfboards with cutting-edge technology, the RÄVIK synchronises extreme performance with intelligent, safe, and reliable internal systems.

    • Top speed: 30 knots / 56 kph
    • Acceleration: 0-50 kph in 4 seconds
    • Runtime: Up to 40 minutes of mixed riding
    • Exchangeable battery: Yes
    • Charge time: 80 min
    • Wireless throttle: Yes
    • Mobile application: Yes
    • Custom power output: Yes, four modes
    • Carbon fibre body: Yes
    • Dimensions: 179cm x 61cm x 19 cm
    • Weight: 35 kg in total including battery pack

    • Warranty: 1 year warranty

    • Power pack
    • Speed charger
    • Wireless throttle
    • Throttle induction charger
    • Magnetic power key
    • Foot straps
    • Performance fins
    • Board bag on wheels

    • Additional batteries

    Safety recommendations – Users must check the area of use and follow all relevant safety advice. This powered board is for competent swimmers only and users should always wear an appropriate hel
  • Category: Inflatable Boats, Dinghy
    City: Fulham
    Built: 2019
    Length: 6 ft
    Country: England
  • £ 16,088.00
Radinn - G2X for sale £ 8,426.88
Radinn - G2X for sale
  • Radinn - G2X for sale
  • A marvel of engineering; ingeniously designed…

    Shifting weight to one side, the rider carved hard to the right, then dug a heel into the rear of the board. The board reared, coiling its power beneath it and began thrashing through the spray as it rose above the crest of the wave…

    Introducing the G2X Jetboard, the most advanced of its kind. If you prefer the sheer beauty of lakes and inland waterways to the thrills of the sea, you can reach astonishing speeds in near complete silence. Just you and nature, a perfect way to reconnect with your senses. No need for messy oil changes, noisy engines or time-consuming maintenance. Just head out and enjoy this astonishing new sport, enjoy your freedom.

    Further Information
    Set your own speed and freely position yourself on the board with Radinn's water-proof, entirely wireless handheld remote. The light-guide will let you know how much battery you have when out riding. The remote will also indicate to remind you when to head back to either recharge or swap the Power Pack ready for your next ride.

    Custom engineered down to the fasteners. There's simply no other experience quite like it. Radinn’s efficient jet-system; the board’s fluid dynamic design; the water-proof remote; the brushless electric motor - all crafted with unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to innovation. Radinn’s engineers and designers never cease in their desire to keep refining and developing their products, this board is the result.

    Connected Control - The Radinn App

    Keep your board happy and working at maximum capacity for a long long time. Data is continuously transferred from your board to the app and you’ll be notified if something is out of the ordinary. At the same time the data will automatically be analysed so that we can keep you informed on potential service needs.

    You can also check battery levels, run diagnostics, read the Radinn manual and much more.

    Set your own limits – or eliminate them all together.
  • Category: Inflatable Boats, Dinghy
    City: Fulham
    Built: 2019
    Country: England
  • £ 8,426.88
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