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Jun 03, 2019
At Boats For Sale we have all imaginable styles of boat to choose from, including a range of inflatable ribs.

Rib (rigid hulled inflatable) boats are lightweight yet high performance vessels that have a rigid hull bottom. This is joined to air tubes at the side, inflated with air to a high pressure.

Ribs offers excellent stability and are both lightweight and fast, which is why they’re used by life-saving rescue teams and to transport troops. In fact, they were originally developed in Britain to reduce the wear-and-tear of existing inshore lifeboats.

They’re also popularly used for sailing, diving and as tenders for larger ships. Thanks to the fact they’re light-weight, they can outperform many similarly sized and powerful boats. The first Rib designs went on sale in 1967, and the first commercial Rib is believed to have been launched at the 1969 London Boat Show.

Whatever your budget might be, we can help you find your dream boat.  

Whether you’re looking for a rib boat or a smaller dinghy, Boats For Sale have advertisements for both new and used inflatable boats. We have hundreds of ribs to choose from  including those in Wales, with many leading brands to choose from, such as Seapro.

If you’re looking for rib boats for sales, why not explore our latest advertisements today?
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